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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  January 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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you do?." a new year means a new vision for the city. columbia mayor delivers the 2016 state of the city address. >> we'll get you up to speed with some changes happening around town. plus, donald trump is coming to gilbert on the heels of one controversial sheriff. panthers fans looking to get tickets for the super bowl may have to make tough budgeting decisions. our west. that's headed in here. we'll talk about how that will affect your weapons. abc columbia news at 11:00, it starts right now. live from main and gervais, abc columbia news at 11:00. good evening and thank you for joining us tonight for abc columbia news at 11:00. i'm alicia barnes. >> i'm ben hoover. strongng restoresful and on the brink of greatness, that's how
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capital city tonight. >> our grace joyal is live from city hall with more on the mayor's state of the city address. grace? >> from the floodwaters, the mayor has put his finger on an opportunity. he sees the disaster as a chance to rebuild for the future. after more than five and a half years in office -- >> so is our daughter jordan grace who loves math -- >> columbian mayor steve benjamin broke his state of the city down into numbers. >> 2,439,000 minutes. >> he said he's cut the unemployment in more than half. a billion dollars has been spent downtown and the city's commitment to 21st century policing.
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11 trillion of gallons fell from the sky. >> a disaster, the mayor says, unlike anything to challenge us since william t. sherman burned columbia to the ground. >> a disaster like that can bring out the worst in people. >> but in the days following the 1,000 year flood, mayor benjamin witnessed something remarkable. >> i saw a world class city become a city of heroes. >> it's that strength he's looking to build on.n. >> imagine turning disaster into innovation. >> rebuilding our infrastructure smarter. >> the infrastructure in our city, for me, continues to be a priority. and mayor benjamin did a good job today, at least laying out that groundwork. >> and launching a relief fund to help those small businesses still reeling from the floods. >> he's got a lot of good ideas and we'll talk about them on the city council, and the city council will do everything we can to make his vision come true.
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on main street to major corridor s while still taking the time to dream. for the first time, mayor benjamin talked about an ecotourism expedition in the works. it would involve a float tilla of boats from here to charleston to promote historical and environmental responsibility. >> tomorrow is a wonder waiting r us. it's a promise to anyone. that's why i'm committed to acting today. >> and of course the mayor touched on many other issues tonight, one of them being a citywide literacy push. i'll include the details of that issue, plus many more on the online version of this story on live from city hall, grace joyal, abc columbia news. >> thanks. a new endorsement for donald trump. phoenix's tough talking sheriff joe ar paea is officially a trump supporter. this endorsement comes six days before the iowa caucuses. he left-hands his support as an outspoken opponent of illegal
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and trump will bring his presidential campaign to the palmetto state tomorrow night. this is a free event. he's going to hold a rally at harmon farm. the public is welcome, the doors open at 5:00. the latest polls show trump is not just leading in the republican presidential race, he's dominating it with a 41% lead. south carolinians who originally refused help falling last fall's historic floods will get $10 million in aid. fema says nearly 5,000 south carolinians were deemed eligible for help. something as simple as missing information on the application could have resulted it being denied the first time. in all, fema has approved almost $85 million in disaster aid statewide for individuals and households. more than six million bottles of water are being sent to the students hit in flint, michigan. the waters donated by walmart,
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provide the students with clean water for the whole year of 2016. flint gained national attention after their tap water was found to be contaminated with toxic levels of lead. state and federal officials have struggled to provide clean water for the residents. all right. i think it's safe to say that it's fair to get your umbrellas ready for tomorrow because we're tracking a rain storm coming our way. wednesday. got to get through a little bit of rain. john farley joins us now from the weather center with more. john. >> l l's start withh the good stuff as far as the temperatures. it's a lot warmer. we're well into the 50s. we're not going to drop that much more overnight. but there is rain. there it is off to the southwest. here's the line. it extends down the appalachians to new orleans. it will continue to push into here. get ready for your m mning commmme. it will be wet. not for all of us, but in places. give yourself a little extra
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it doesn't take a whole lot to slow things down on the roads. not cold. 49 or so 6:00 to 8:00 in the morning. watch what happens as we go through the day. the meter doesn't move basically. 49 to 53 is all we're going to do. kind of a raw wind out of the northeast all day. on and off showers. a cold not terribly cold but cool rainy day right on through. now, there are some upper 60s in the 7-day forecast. it's just going to take a little while to get there. we'll go over all the specifics on that in just a bit. breaking news tonight. federal authorities say they've arrested the leader of a group that has occupied a federal wildlife refuge in oregon for nearly one month. the f.b.i. says ammon bundy and at least four of his followers were arrested during a traffic stop. shots were fired shortly after the stop, but it is not clear who fired first. reports say one identified person died in that shoot-out tonight, but authorities did not
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a hospital near where the shooting happened is reportedly on lockdown still tonight. bundy and his group said it seized the refuge to protest the federal government overreach of federal lands. all right. this next story we're moving back home. this is a brazen story. i want to give everyone a fair warning on this. an in-home caregiver wanted for abusing an elderly woman has turned herself in to authorities. marion reese turned herself into investigators earlier today. after a tip from the victim's daughter, surveillance cameras captured reese abusing a 91-year-old. authorities say a murder suspect died from a self-inflicted gunshot. richland county deputies the death of the 42-year-old has officially been ruled a suicide. he had a warrant out of houston,
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43-year-old rita joyce sultan. james was arrested, freed on bond and then he just disappeared. monday he was found at the byron road apartments here in columbia. deputies continue to investigate why he was here. we now know the identity of the man who was shot and killed while trying to rob a columbia barbershop friday night. 35-year-old addemi hannibal was shot byy people with concealed weapons permit next to the barbershop saturday night. his last known address was in new jersey. columbia police are looking for a second suspect. just to be clear, that shooting happened friday night. there's a new chief in the town of chapin. seth ziegler will take over the department next month. he's a chapin native recently served with the west columbia police department and replaced the retiring chief troy crumb who was suspended for missing work without clearing it with
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the state lawmaker whose journalism registry proposal touched off a media firestorm says he never actually wanted to require reporters to register with the state. well, the instant backlash made his report. republican representative mike pits said by screaming first amendment, the media reacted to his bill exactly as he suspected. he modeled his proposal on the state's concealed weapon permit law. he said he wanted to spark discussion in media bias treating free speech rights under the first amendment as more important than gun rights under the second amendment. >> there's a slant and biased against the second amendment, not just the second amendment but against other portions of the bill of rights and that the media as a whole will only come to the fight when it looks like the first amendment and only a portion of the first amendment is under attack. >> we should be concentrating on bills that deal with the problem we have in; being is.
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it would make more sense for us to spend time on looking for solutions and introducing legislation that addresses those issues. >> pits believe the second amendment is just as pure and simple as the first. moving on to tonight's health news. united airlines says customer booked to fly affected by zika virus can schedule and get refunds. pregnant women can get refunds traveling to parts of central america. the c.d.c. is warning pregnant women to take precautions against michael chertoff bites when traveling to areas -- against moss kito bites when traveling to areas in central america. there's a fever, joint pain and red eyes and can last to a week. 70% of individuals affected have no symptoms. honoring our state's bravest athletes. this morning, the law enforcement torch run for
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carolina kicked off its 30th year of support for the special olympic pick -- olympics. >> there's one thing from saving lives is changing lives. that's what we do for special olympics. when we meet athletes like josh and his special personality, that's why it grows every year. it really does. >> more than 22,000 south carolina athletes take part in the special olympics. and you probably guessed it's going to cost a lot of money to see the carolina panthers take on the denver broncos. super bowl sunday, the average resale price of a ticket is $5,178. that's on pace to beat a super bowl record. a pair of club seats near midfield have already sold about 12 grand each. tonight, traffic stalled on a had new york freeway because a mother was busus giving birth and
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deliver. new york police officers tweeted out this picture of "the new yorker." her name is nicola wong. she was delivered along fdr drive in the middle of the morning rush hour. look at this. baby and mama are doing just fine. god bless the nypd. look at that. >> wow. what a cute baby. >> can you believe that? >> i couldn't. wow. stay with us. coming up on the news at 11:00, what one couple in the upstate caught on their baby monitor. oh my goodness, this is going to met your heart. >> got to see that. the two-year-old already an american sensation. we remember an actor from the godfather to a new york detective with a face you cannot forget. we're talking magic lamps and flying carpets going over, sideways and under. take a look at a whole new performance at the new york city
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starting at 5:00. welcome back. the american actor with a signature face and amend lines you'll remember. beloved actor abe v voda has died. he was a veteran of the stage
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break as mobster sal tessio in the godfather. he then moved to tv earning three emmy nominations as a worn-out new york police detective on that sitcom barney miller w w a a remember. abe vigoda was 94. his daughter says he never got sick. he just died of old age. >> wow. when you make it to 94, that's a good life. a new jersey mother found quite the surprise among organic spinach leaves that she recently bought, a lizard. although the lizard appeared cold and lifeless when it was originally found, the reptile named green fruit loop is now thriving as a a class mascot in her daughter's math class. they told us one possible scenario is the lizard had been hibernating and the theory there is since it was a little cold and when the plant actually harvested, it somehow got shook or crawled into the box. video of a two-year-old, this is so cool.
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viral thanks to her bedtime prayers. check this out. [inaudible]. >> all right. this little girl is from seneca. this is in the upstate. the parents put the toddler to bed sunday night without her saying her usual nightly prayers. they were in in a rush and wanted to watch theanthers game. after mom and dad left, sutton decided to pray on her own. in the video recorded on the family's baby monitor, sutton calls out the names for the people she's praying for, including her parents, her grandmother and santa claus. >> i heard santa. >> she finished up her prayers by mentioning her parents again, probably because they were watching the game, and concluded
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since sutton's mom has posted it on facebook, it's been shared thousands of times. >> it's not even february yet and it might be the best story of the year. >> yes. a dog's bathroom break turns into her big break as she unknow will goly finishes a -- unknowingly finishes a half marathon. the hound showed up at the half marathon in alabama. she trotted along for the whole 13.1 miles. she competed without a human or leash and finished in 7th place. her owner whose not a runner, didn't even know about her celebrity dog until a friend called and filled her in. the dog was presented with a finisher's medal for her accomplishment. she then went home and took a long nap. >> ludavine. >> ludavine. >> did i say it wrong. >> no you said it correctly. john farley has a look at
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>> keep it right here. okay. let's talk some weather. what we're going to see here is rain, on and off through the day tomorrow. it will clear out on thursday. if you like the warm what felt like spring temperatures today, we're going right back to it by the time we get to the weekend. let's give you a peek at the rain. there it is. it's a line that's snow in west virginia, not a lot but the the gulf. that will continue to schroll work its bay -- schroll work its -- slowly work its way through tomorrow and the first part of thursday. here we are tomorrow, morning commute starting at 7:00, there especially western midlands. be a irwa of that. as we go through the day, at solidly. we're not talking about a
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inches or anything like that, but on and off rain all day long. a cool raw wind out of the east. it's going to be wet for you. there's noon, bring your umbrella. evening commute, roads will believe wet and showers as well. we go into overnight and thursday morning's commute. again, more showers in play. watch what happens. as we go through the day here, the showers push off to the coast. by the time we get to, say, late in the afternoon and into the evening, you'll see there's even some clearing. that will do it for the rain. it will be out of here thursday late in the day. after that, clear sailing for many days and warmer temperatures as well. but here's tonight. lots of clouds. temperatures not moving very much, a couple of degrees down to the upper 40s. tomorrow we start in the upper 40s. if you're getting the kids out the door, have an umbrella for them. yeah, it's not going to be cold but there will be showers. if not exactly 6:00 to 8:00 in the morning in your neighborhood, they will be there on a a off throughout the day. here is a look at the forecast.
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in the northern midlands. temperatures as warm as the mid-50s in places like orangeburg. as you see, a few showers on thursday. after that, it clears out. how about close to 70 degrees by the time we get to sunday. that will be nice. over to you two. coming up. after several tough games on the sec road, carolina basketball is back at home this week. >> woo. one gamecock in particular feeling comfortable at the colonial life arena.
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next in sports. a senior coming up clutch when carolina basketball needed him most. hi, i'm tim hill.
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the -- michael carrera coming into tonight, 17-2. taking on a one-win mississippi state team in the sec. let's check out some of the highlights from the colonial life arena. frank martin says he needs his team to bounce back and re-establish its identity. ben howland, his first year at mississippi state. tough start for chris silva. taking a a double elbow to the chin. that would be a technical foul. michael carrera gets it going early with a dunk. thornwell hitting from outside, a streak of tennissed straight threes. carolina in control most of the way. but oh, chris silva, not the way he wanted to get on sports center. that's weatherspoon from mississippi state, throwing it down in a big way cutting the lead down to four. carrera and company extending it right before half. this would initially be called a two-pointer. up by nine at the break.
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carrera coming out hot again. on. it was 23 points heading into the night. ij ready cutting the lead down to two for mississippi state. in the end too much. michael carrera career high 34 points, 15 rebounds. he becomes the first usc player since terry dozier in 1987 to have 30 points and more than ten rebounds in a ballgame. 84-74 the final score. the gamecocks get the big win. carrera said his secret to success not all that complicated. >> i don't know. it was just my day to be really honest. just tried to get open shots and shots when we're in practice, you know, i was making it today. just making shots. >> i'm ecstatic for mike because
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about our team and this program like it's his family. i'm ecstatic for his willingness to lead and to take on the responsibility of doing whatt good players do. two years ago i couldn't get him to do anything. unbelievable courage by that young man and what a great teammate. >> carrera now averaging 25 points in his last three ball games. carolina back at home saturday 6:00 hosting alabama. the tide hosting tennessee tonight. the only two teams to beat the gamecocks this season. going at it. the volumes in control most of the way. reton, oh my goodness, alabama coming back from down 13. obasahon back for the final. this is arthur edward, 6-3. the tide go up three. tennessee needs a three. kevin punter couldn't miss against carolina over the weekend.
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alabama gets the big comeback win for sec win number two. the tideopping tennessee 63-57. a couple of other sec scores. vandy gets a win over florida. lsu beats georgia by four. after a week off, clemson basketball back in action tomorrow night against pittsburgh. game set for 7:00 desean watson will be recognized at halftime. clemson football releasing its schedule today. the acc the last conference to do so. they opened up the season on september 3rd. that will make four times in the last five years. clemson starts and ends its regular season against the team my from the sec. here is a look at the first half of the tigers schedule. an interesting start. at georgia tech on a thursday night. back home to host louisville. then at boston college on a friday night. both the tigers and florida state have a bye on october 22nd. that's the week before what's become the de facto acc championship game.
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of the last four games at home. that will finish off sports tonight.
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news at 11:00. the rain returns tomorrow and the temperatures plummet. you know, it's going to start out in the upper 40s and end in the low 50s. kind of a cool, raw day for us. winds out of the northeast all day long. they last through early thursday and some showers probably up to about noon, maybe a little better than that. by afternoon and evening things will clear out on thursday and then we warm it up. liking that. >> okay. we want to thank our pair scope audience tonight. we did a special experiment. if you want to follow us it's at
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